reading tutor near meAt the start of school, reading instruction consists of reviewing previously learned strategies. Much of the material is a review of elemental basics. High reading scores and high spirits abound. 

Time progresses. Comprehension indicators, phonetic knowledge and other reading strategies increase in difficulty. It is in this stage, previously hidden learning gaps boldly present themselves. 

Learning Gaps? Your child may not have mastered foundational phonics, reading and spelling skills from the previous year(s). These skills are needed to understand how to correctly blend sounds thereby cementing skills needed for fluency in reading and spelling. You notice and your child notices . . . There Is A Problem.

Blame rears its head. You begin to think it’s all your fault. Negative thoughts creep. Your child thinks success in reading isn’t in their reach . . .  dealing a crushing blow to your child’s confidence “I thought I could never learn to read.” 

As parents, you feel overwhelmed or stuck. You don’t know WHAT TO DO! And unfortunately, poor reading skills don’t improve without intervention.

Early intervention is the best way to avoid frustration or reading failure, low grades, and decreased self-confidence.

The reading instructors at Spark Thinking can help: 

By identifying your child’s weaknesses, creating a personalized plan, and teaching the concepts and skills needed for mastery in reading and spelling. 

Now, ask yourself . . . WHAT SHOULD I DO? 

Be an informed parent. Be a parent armed with the knowledge and power to HELP YOUR CHILD SUCCEED!


Let’s Talk about how we can help your child reach their full reading potential!