These families and students are glad to have discovered Spark Thinking

Now Excels in Math

“Being an educator, I understand how important confidence is in helping a child succeed. When I noticed my son’s lack of confidence in math, I knew I had to do something. Enrolling him in Spark Thinking helped give him the confidence he needed to participate successfully in math class. He was able to tackle math concepts head-on because he had been taught the information before it was introduced in class. This changed his approach to one that was unstoppable. Now he enjoys class and has excelled greatly. Thank you, Spark Thinking. ”

Vinika K., Co-owner, Growing Minds Christian Aca.


Progressed a Full Grade Ahead of Peers

“We are writing to express our appreciation for the instruction you are providing our daughter Indira. Because of your commitment and teaching, Indira has progressed far ahead in her understanding of language and reading, which has put her a full grade ahead of her Kindergarten class. She is reading close to the second grade level and spelling at the third grade level. We are grateful for the wonderful work you are doing with Indira.”

Josh & Sincia N. in Fairburn


Her Grades Improved from F’s to A’s and B’s

“When we first approached Progressive Tutoring, doing homework with Bobbie was a nightmare. She did not understand the basics of third grade reading and math, but was being passed on to the sixth grade by a school system that showed little concern. In June of 2008, we enrolled Bobbie in Progressive Tutoring in an effort to get her up to grade level. By the start of the school year in September, it was clear the difference Progressive Tutoring had made in my little girl’s life. She has gone from F’s in 5 th grade to A’s and B’s in 6 th grade. With their continued help, she has kept them at that level so she can spend time doing things she loves, like soccer. There is no doubt in my mind that Bobbie, her mother, and I will look back at these moments as a turning point in her life. Progressive Tutoring was instrumental in making her successful in her academic pursuits. Thanks for all you do!!! ”

Mr. Moye in Fayetteville, father of Bobbie


Scored 99th Percentile on SSAT Vocab

“Hi, my name is Samantha and I am a former student of Progressive Tutoring. At first I didn’t like the idea of people knowing that I was going to a tutor, and that I needed help in anything. The tutoring service really helped me improve on my memory, reading, and math skills. This process has also helped me improve my learning skills. I am happy because the sessions helped me score on the 99th percentile on the vocabulary portion of the SSAT. I recommend this program to anyone!”

Samantha in Austell, Comprehension tutoring student


SAT Prep and Calculus Training

“Ms. Elsie, one of the tutors at Progressive Tutoring, has made an amazing impact on my academics. From assisting me with my SAT® prep to helping me with my college Calculus class, I have indeed learned a lot from her. I highly recommend Progressive Tutoring to anyone who needs help in mathematics.”

Joy F. in McDonough, student at Kennesaw State University


Aced Math Quizzes and Final

“Because of your help, I made all A’s on my Precalculus tests this time, after dropping out of the math class twice. Thanks a lot.”

Annette S. in Jonesboro, student at Colorado Tech University


Reading Accuracy and Fluency Improved

“My six year old daughter’s self-confidence and fluency in reading has improved tremendously in just 4 months. Thank you Progressive Tutoring.”

Mrs. Darcel I. in Riverdale, mother of 6yo reading student


Learned How to Read and Comprehend

“Ms. Sylvia, thank you for planting a seed of reading excellence and confidence in my son Terrence. When we came to you, both Terrence (then 5 years old) and I were frustrated and exhausted. I tried everything I thought possible to help Terrence learn to read, but it just didn’t “click”. We had repeatedly used what I knew to be reliable phonics lessons, worksheets, flash cards, audio/video tools, and even popular computer based learning. Terrence had completed more than half of his kindergarten year and the gap was getting wider between the curriculum and his demonstrated ability to read. Homework was an uphill battle and the thought of going to school the next day gave him more anxiety.

Other “tutoring” services had failed with my older child, so I was reluctant to go with their services for Terrence. With this in mind, the first day I brought Terrence to Spark Thinking, I had reserved optimism. However, I was instantly encouraged after meeting with you and learning more about brain intervention!

The initial assessment you provided helped me better understand where his learning opportunities were, explained why he struggled with learning to read and how you could help. I will remember what you’ve taught me about sensory processing skills for a lifetime.
The intervention plan you outlined for Terrence guided me and gave Terrence goals that improved his reading skills and confidence. He began participating in his classroom more each day. Reading became easy and fun for Terrence with help from Spark Thinking! Also, the gains he made during his first intensive summer with you made it all worth-while, especially when he started school later that fall. Homework became a “breeze” and even his teachers noticed his use of visualizing skills and improved reading at the phoneme and word level.
Before Spark Thinking, he would literally cry whenever asked to read aloud. After one year with you, he prefers books as gifts! Thank you for bringing out the absolute best reading and comprehension in my son. I’m excited to see him continue growing as he begins work with you in Math this summer. Thank you for developing the gift of reading in Terrence. Spark Thinking has been a true God-send for my son. We are forever grateful!”

Mrs. Marcielle B. in Atlanta, mother of 6yo tutoring student

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