Brain Training

Are you ready for your child to stop struggling and start thriving in the classroom? We know that stronger brain skills make it easier to learn to read, understand math, remember information, think, and focus.

Some parents have tried traditional tutorials or a commercial quick fix solution to address memory and learning challenges. But that hasn’t fixed the problem, because all they did was teach memorization or practice the usual- who, what, when, where, why and how- type of questions.

There’s a tried-and-true science-based approach that actually works! Brain training. 1-on-1 brain training is provided in our learning center in Fayetteville, GA or online.

 Are your ready to unlock the reading potential in your child?

Our training helps to unlock academic potential in students who feel overwhelmed and frustrated by:

Weak comprehension
Poor reading skills
Weak memory & recall
Poor auditory processing
Poor logic & reasoning skills
Difficulty learning new skills
Difficulty staying on task
Poor critical thinking skills
Poor visual processing skills
Difficulty focusing
Difficulty following directions
Falling behind grade level
Poor grades
Unhelpful attempts at tutoring
Our training is highly interactive and based on Principles of Neuroplasticity – the gold standard in science-based brain training methods. We teach in the easiest way for the brain to learn, so students can rapidly build a stronger brain and thrive in the classroom.

Our training will prepare your child to perform at their potential as they progress from grade to grade, and beyond.. We use a proven approach to target and strengthen weak cognitive skills. If your child is struggling to learn or has ADD, ADHD, or Autism; we can help.

How Brain Training Will Help your Child

Brain training targets the root cause of your child’s struggles. Our Brain Training System is designed to target and improve working memory, short & long term memory, attention, visual processing, and logical reasoning skills. These are the core brain skills that make it easy to learn, communicate, and think.

Each student’s personalized training is structured, sequential, multi-sensory and engages the whole brain. Students use the skills they’ve learned to help them focus and learn curriculum content. The life changing results give them the chance to finally thrive in the classroom, learn to their potential, and make better grades.

This means your son or daughter won’t get left behind. Your child will be more engaged and focused in class, start to look forward to taking part in classroom activities, and become more independent at doing homework without support. When your child has strong cognitive skills, it will make learning easier, allowing him to reach his academic potential and be able to make better grades.

We love it when they excitedly say “Let me show you my report card!”

The Proof

“By the start of the school year in September, it was clear the difference Progressive Tutoring had made in my little girl’s life. She has gone from F’s in 5th grade to A’s and B’s in 6th grade. With their continued help, she has kept them at that level so she can spend time doing things she loves, like soccer. There is no doubt in my mind that Bobbie, her mother, and I will look back at these moments as a turning point in her life.”

Mr. Moye, in Fayetteville, father of Bobbie

Are you ready to help your child reach his/her learning potential?


If your answer is YES!

Then, let the Brain Trainers at Spark Thinking help to finally close the learning gap(s) for good.
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The Proof

“The brain training sessions helped me a lot. It made it easier for me to learn, remember, and master the technical material during my pilot training. Thank you for helping me achieve my dream of becoming a commercial pilot.”

Zack A. in Atlanta, Brain Training student

Results of Brain Training

Our personalized Brain Training helps students to:
Orton-Gillingham tutor in Fayetteville, Georgia

We’re Dedicated to Your Child’s Success

I’m Sylvia Adjeso, founder and instructor at Spark Thinking. I’m a teacher with 18+ years experience. My goal is to give families access to the personalized, targeted tutoring that changed my brother’s life.

When my brother was in Kindergarten he started struggling in school. My mom waited for his skills to improve, but it got worse. Then she looked to his teachers for help. Frustrated by the lack of resources, she spent several years trying to find the right school and the right instruction before it was too late.

Our breakthrough happened when we finally found highly skilled educators who were able to pinpoint the underlying cause of his struggles.

They saw his strengths and his weaknesses. They were skilled teachers, but more than that, he knew they really cared. After years of struggle, he started to thrive in the classroom. And not just for one year – but continuously. He is now a board-certified ENT Surgeon and a Lecturer.

Are you ready to help your child reach his/her learning potential?


If your answer is YES!

Then, let the Brain Trainers at Spark Thinking help to finally close the learning gap(s) for good.
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