Our Mission is to prepare students for a bright and successful future.  At Spark Thinking, we realize that the key to a successful academic life and a thriving career path begins with a solid foundation in Reading, Comprehension, Math, and Critical Thinking.

We understand that we’re:

  • Not just preparing our students to pass a test or master a subject.
  • Preparing our students to become successful in the workforce and business world.
  • Helping to prepare the next generation of Academic Leaders, Scientists, Inventors, Governors, Mayors, and perhaps even Presidents.

Our dedicated staff, a personalized learning plan, and 1-on-1 attention help to impact the caliber of leaders our students will become.

A personalized learning plan, 1:1 attention, science-based methods, a low distraction environment, and positive learning experiences allow students to thrive in the classroom, and beyond.

Ready to help your child break through the challenges, improve their skills and get better grades?