Reading Comprehension

You expect that comprehension, and critical thinking skills should be very easy, if your child would just listen and pay attention in class. You have probably used traditional tutorial services to help fix the problem, but you didn’t get the results you wanted. And you’ve wondered, “Why didn’t it work?” Improving listening or reading comprehension, and critical thinking skills requires specialized training. Training is provided in our learning center in Fayetteville, GA or online.

 Are your ready to unlock the reading potential in your child?

Our instruction helps to unlock academic potential in students who feel overwhelmed and frustrated by:

Poor reading comprehension
Bad grades
Low standardized test scores
Short focus and attention span
Difficulty understanding concepts
Poor problem solving skills
Unhelpful attempts at tutoring
Weak Visual Processing skills
Poor language comprehension
Difficulty telling the main ideas
Weak memory
Poor critical thinking skills
Weak math skills
Reading Comprehension and Critical Thiniking Tutoring in Fayetteville, Georgia
Our training is all highly interactive and is based on the Dual Coding Theory – the gold standard in science-based comprehension instruction.
We teach in the easiest way for the brain to learn, so students can rapidly build understanding and excel in the classroom.

Our training is designed to develop and improve comprehension and learning skills. If your child has poor reading comprehension, language processing issues, or has been diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, or ASD, we can help.

How Our Reading Comprehension + Critical Thinking Instruction Is Different

We teach students how to comprehend what they are learning by turning words into mental images and talking about their ideas. This helps students to become better at remembering what they learn in detail. Being able to tell the main idea, inferring, drawing conclusions, and thinking critically will become easier as well.

Our comprehension instruction is targeted, interactive, and engaging so students can stay focused. Students use hands-on activities to help them show and talk about their understanding of what they are learning, hearing, or reading.

This means your child can finally stop learning by memorization. They can start to look forward to answering critical thinking questions and participating in class. We love it when students improve so much that they begin to ask “Now, can I answer the questions by myself?”

The Proof

“The main challenge for Arlondus was his comprehension or what I would call, his “thinking cap”. I knew he was an excellent reader, but when it came to homework/tests, he was completely lost and his grades/scores were a reflection that “something” was missing.

Sylvia designed a step by step plan for him, basically taking “baby steps” in cognitive thinking from “beginner” to “intermediate”. Arlondus has become confident in his work and he is no longer intimidated by participating in class.”

Mrs. Kisha Y. in Jonesboro, Mother of comprehension tutoring student

 Ready to unlock your child’s reading comprehension & critical thinking skills?

The Proof

“The tutoring I received really helped me improve on my memory, reading, and math skills. This process has also helped me improve my learning skills. I am happy because the sessions helped me score on the 99th percentile on the vocabulary portion of the SSAT. I recommend this program to anyone!”

Samantha in Austell, Comprehension tutoring student

Results of Comprehension & Critical Thinking Instruction

Our personalized Reading Comprehension + Critical Thinking training will help your child to:
Orton-Gillingham tutor in Fayetteville, Georgia

We’re Dedicated to Your Child’s Success

I’m Sylvia Adjeso, founder and instructor at Spark Thinking. I’m a teacher with 18+ years experience. My goal is to give families access to the personalized, targeted tutoring that changed my brother’s life.

When my brother was in Kindergarten, he started struggling in school. My mom waited for his skills to improve, but it got worse. Then she looked to his teachers for help. Frustrated by the lack of resources, she spent several years trying to find the right school and the right instruction before it was too late.

Our breakthrough happened when we finally found highly skilled educators who were able to pinpoint the underlying cause of his struggles.

They saw his strengths and his weaknesses and knew how to help him.  After years of struggle, my brother started to thrive in the classroom. And not just for one year – but continuously. He is now a board-certified ENT Surgeon and a Lecturer.

A personalized learning plan, 1:1 attention, science-based methods, a low distraction environment, and positive learning experiences allow students to thrive in the classroom, and beyond.

Ready to help your child break through the challenges, improve his skills and get better grades? Let's talk today.