When instruction is brain-based, targeted, simplified, and multi-sensory, then your child can stop struggling and memorizing and start thriving in school.

We know that because we help students improve their reading, comprehension, and math skills, and excel in their schoolwork everyday. Instruction is provided in our learning center in Fayetteville, GA or online.

The Spark Thinking Difference

Why parents and educators choose & highly recommend us.

Phonics, reading, comprehension, and math
phonics, reading, comprehension, and math
Reading, Comprehension, and Math
phonics, reading, and comprehension tutoring, fayette, ga

The Proof

You Child Can Experience Similar Results
Now He Enjoys Class and Has Excelled Greatly
“Being an educator, I understand how important confidence is in helping a child succeed. When I noticed my son’s lack of confidence in math, I knew I had to do something. Enrolling him in Spark Thinking helped give him the confidence he needed to participate successfully in math class. He was able to tackle math concepts head-on because he had been taught the information before it was introduced in class. This changed his approach to one that was unstoppable. Now he enjoys class and has excelled greatly.”

– Vinika M., Co-owner, Growing Minds Christian Aca.

I Am Thankful
“Prior to joining, Arlondus (rising 2nd grader) struggled with his work and was easily distracted because he showed no interest. I knew there was an issue but couldn’t decipher lwhether it was an “attention deficit” or him being lazy because I know how intelligent he is. I scheduled an assessment for him and the outcome of the results were eye opening. The results showed EVERYTHING that we were struggling with him at home and school. I am also thankful that we were able to detect his unique issue earlier in his developmental age.”

– Mrs. Kesha Y. in Jonesboro, mother of comprehension tutoring student

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