Math Instruction

Building a foundation of mathematical understanding
We make learning math concepts simple, interesting, and less challenging so students can love it. For many students, doing math can sometimes create anxiety, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Instruction is provided in our learning center in Fayetteville, GA or online.

 Are your ready to unlock the reading potential in your child?

Our instruction helps to unlock the math potential in students who feel overwhelmed and frustrated by:

Poor math skills
Poor foundational skills
Difficulty understanding word
Always getting poor math grades
Math anxiety
Poor memory for numbers
Unhelpful attempts at math tutoring
Difficulty learning math due to ADD
ADHD, Dyscalculia, or Autism
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Our training is all highly interactive and based on Orton-Gillingham principles – the gold standard in science based teaching methods. We teach in the easiest way for the brain to learn, so your child can rapidly build understanding and excel in the classroom.

Our math tutoring will prepare your child to become independent, and help him make better grades on his classwork and tests. We strive to exceed the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM), as well as Common Core Standards.

How Our Math Tutoring Is Different

Our Visual Math Program is designed to teach essential math and reasoning skills in a structured, sequential, and multi-sensory way. We help students gain a deeper discovery of the meaning and relationship between math concepts. Students also learn facts and rules for each concept, as well as strategies that they can use to help them solve math problems.

At Spark Thinking, math is SIMPLIFIED so your child can understand it and “love it”!

Instruction is interactive, engaging, and interesting. Students use learning aids and hands-on activities to help them demonstrate their understanding of what they are learning.

This means your son or daughter won’t get left behind. Your child will start to look forward to showing he can solve math problems. We love it when students improve so much that they’re able to say “Okay, now I’m going to show YOU that I can solve the next math problem!”.

The Proof

“My daughter had challenges with her high school math. But now she has gained a greater appreciation and confidence in math. She has become a Leader in her class. I was truly a non-believer and was against spending the funds for this training. However, this was the best money I have ever spent for my child. Her confidence and her math skill level have truly increased! What a great ROI – Return on Investment!”

Greg & Quilla S. in Fayetteville, Parents of High school tutoring student

 Ready to unlock the math potential in your child?

Results of Math Instruction

Our personalized Math instruction will help your child:
Orton-Gillingham tutor in Fayetteville, Georgia

We’re Dedicated to Your Child’s Success

I’m Sylvia Adjeso, founder and instructor at Spark Thinking. I’m a teacher with 18+ years experience. My goal is to give families access to the personalized, targeted tutoring that changed my brother’s life.

When my brother was in Kindergarten he started struggling in school. My mom waited for his skills to improve, but it got worse. Then she looked to his teachers for help. Frustrated by the lack of resources, she spent several years trying to find the right school and the right instruction before it was too late.

Our breakthrough happened when we finally found highly skilled educators who were able to pinpoint the underlying cause of his struggles.

They saw his strengths and his weaknesses. They were skilled teachers, but more than that, he knew they really cared. After years of struggle, he started to thrive in the classroom. And not just for one year – but continuously. He is now a board-certified ENT Surgeon and a Lecturer.

A personalized learning plan, 1:1 attention, science-based methods, a low distraction environment, and positive learning experiences allow students to thrive in the classroom, and beyond.

Ready to help your child break through the challenges, improve his math skills and get better grades? Let's talk today.