A summer well spent brings a year of “Better Report Cards”

This summer, we can help you achieve that goal! The JUMPSTART Summer Program is designed to help students enhance, refine, or learn new skills. Our summer reading programs, math, comprehension, and/or cognitive skills instruction are designed for students entering Pre-K through 12th Grade. Your child will receive one-on-one instruction at our learning center in Fayetteville, GA or online.

 Personalized Instruction Offered


Summer Reading Programs


Listening/Reading Comprehension


Brain Training


Math Instruction


June 3 – July 26, 2019

Ready to unleash your child’s true learning potential?

The Proof

“In June of 2008, we enrolled Bobbie in Progressive Tutoring [Spark Thinking] in an effort to get her up to grade level. By the start of the school year in September, it was clear the difference Progressive Tutoring [Spark Thinking] had made in my little girl’s life. She has gone from F’s in 5 th grade to A’s and B’s in 6th grade.”

Mr. Moye, in Fayetteville, father of 10yo tutoring student

JUMPSTART Enrichment

Frequency: Students may attend 2-4 Sessions/Wk

Are you looking to help your child hone his learning skills and be ready to start the new school year with confidence?

When you enroll your child in JUMPSTART ENRICHMENT, he’ll start learning the concepts and skills needed to thrive in the next grade.

Your child must have a good grasp of the essential skills needed for academic independence in the current grade level content in math, reading, spelling, and comprehension. Your child will receive personalized instruction.

Summer Reading Programs in Fayetteville, Georgia.
Summer reading comprehension and critical thinking skills programs in Fayetteville, Georgia.

JUMPSTART Intensive Intervention

Frequency: Students may attend 5 – 20 Sessions/Wk

You want your child to overcome the challenges he experienced during the school year. You’d also like to improve his core academic skills and enter the new school year with confidence. This means less homework nightmares for your family, no more incomplete classwork or rushed projects, and an end to poor or failing grades. You can do something about that!

When you enroll your child in the JUMPSTART Summer Program, he’ll learn the foundational concepts and skills needed to catch up and thrive in the next grade. This will allow him to start the school year with a strong foundation on which to build new skills and make better grades in the next grade, and beyond. Your child will receive personalized instruction.

JUMPSTART Intensive has unlocked thriving students who used to be overwhelmed and frustrated by:

Gaps in their learning that hindered
Being held back
Poor problem solving skills
Weak Visual Processing skills
Difficulty telling the main ideas
Poor memory
Weak critical thinking skills
Poor math skills
Unhelpful attempts at tutoring
Poor test-taking skills
Being At-risk of failure
Weak vocab and reading
ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia
Bad grades
Low standardized test scores
Poor focus and attention
Difficulty understanding concepts

How JUMPSTART Summer Program is Different

Instruction is personalized, targeted, and multi-sensory so the concept sticks and your child learns more. Students use hands-on activities to help them show and talk about their understanding of what they are learning.

We teach in the easiest way for the brain to learn, so students can rapidly build understanding and independence.

This means your child will get excited about learning and start to look forward to performing at his full potential and thriving in school. “I know a lot now because I come to tutoring!” are some of our favorite words to hear.

Are you ready to help your child reach his/her learning potential?


If your answer is YES!

Then, let the Brain Trainers at Spark Thinking help to finally close the learning gap(s) for good.
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Results of Summer Learning

JUMPSTART summer reading and comprehension instruction will help your child to:

The Proof

“The intervention plan you outlined for Terrence guided me and gave Terrence goals that improved his reading skills and confidence… Reading became easy and fun for Terrence with help from Spark Thinking! Also, the gains he made during his first intensive summer with you made it all worth-while, especially when he started school later that fall. Homework became a “breeze” and even his teachers noticed his use of visualizing skills and improved reading at the phoneme and word level.”

Mrs. Marcielle B. in Fayetteville, Mother of 6yo Tutoring Student
Orton-Gillingham tutor in Fayetteville, Georgia

We’re Dedicated to Your Child’s Success

I’m Sylvia Adjeso, founder and instructor at Spark Thinking. I’m a teacher with 18+ years experience. My goal is to give families access to the personalized, targeted tutoring that changed my brother’s life.

When my brother was in Kindergarten, he started struggling in school. My mom waited for his skills to improve, but it got worse. Then she looked to his teachers for help. Frustrated by the lack of resources, she spent several years trying to find the right school and the right instruction before it was too late.

Our breakthrough happened when we finally found highly skilled educators who were able to pinpoint the underlying cause of his struggles.

They saw his strengths and his weaknesses and knew how to help him. After years of struggle, he started to thrive in the classroom. And not just for one year – but continuously. He is now a board-certified ENT Surgeon and a Lecturer.

Are you ready to help your child reach his/her learning potential?


If your answer is YES!

Then, let the Brain Trainers at Spark Thinking help to finally close the learning gap(s) for good.
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