I’m so excited to share Levi’s success! Levi’s progress has been so remarkable that, his teacher is referring other families with struggling readers to our Reading & Spelling Training Program.

Previous Challenge

When Mrs. Sims contacted Spark Thinking, Levi was struggling, and there were talks about retaining him in his current grade. This was because, he had not progressed in phonics, or his reading and spelling skills, even though he had been given an IEP for a year.

First Step & Instructional Program

We used a series of diagnostic tests to identify Levi’s current skills. The results showed where his strengths and weaknesses were.

Using the results of the diagnostic test:

  1. We created a personalized learning plan to target, and improve Levi’s phonics skills, reading & spelling accuracy, fluency, and sight words.
  2. We also provided instruction to improve his phonemic awareness, and word attack skills.
  3. We taught him the spelling rules that he needed to know, in order to become better in spelling single and multi-syllable words.
  4. We monitored and adjusted his instructional plan as needed to ensure that he made adequate progress.
  5. We recommended reading materials that Levi practiced with at home, to build his reading accuracy and fluency.

The Results

During our work within, and by the end of his program, Levi:

  • Mastered all the literacy skills that were previously challenging for him.
  • Significantly improved in phonics, reading, spelling, and in his grades.
  • Became independent, and was reading at grade level.
  • Began to love to read for fun-something he hated doing before receiving instruction.

In His Mom’s Own Words

“They are awesome! Ms. Sylvia is absolutely wonderful! My son was reading below grade level, and yes it took time, but he is now reading on grade level. We can’t say enough good things about Spark Thinking.”

      Sheri Houck Sims


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