Every year, I consult with many families of struggling students. In addition, it cringes when at the end of our conversation, I hear “I can’t afford it right now, because my child needs braces”, or worse, “My child loves baseball, and he’s the best player on his team, so we can’t drop sports to attend sessions”.

Why Should You Take Action Now?

Your child is dependent on you to make the best decisions.

Would you rather prefer that your child continue to struggle with his academics, yet excel in sports (a skill he may be already good at?)

Some results of delayed intervention:

  • Your child’s self-esteem and confidence will suffer.
  • Your child will fall further behind by the day.
  • Schoolwork will continue to become more challenging.
  • Your child’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP) may not be effective.
  • Your child will be held back.
  • He/she will start hating school.
  • Your child may even become a distraction in the classroom, to avoid having to do his work.
  • He may be labeled as having ADD, AD/HD, or LD.
  • He may even think that he is “stupid”, and cannot learn like his peers.

The real questions you should ask yourself is:

  1. “What is my child’s future worth to me?”
  2. “What would be the real cost of delay several months from now?”


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