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A few days ago, I received a phone call from a parent about getting help for her son. I had consulted with her almost two years ago about how we could strengthen her son’s attention, and working memory skills. I didn’t hear back from her after our conversation.

Her son’s focus and learning challenges had become worse over time, and now severely affecting his classwork and grades.

Because of poor attention skills, he’s

  • Not completing his class work.
  • Always making mistakes on his homework because, he rushes to get it done; and can’t tell if it’s accurate, or not.
  • Answering questions without thinking about the question first.
  • Impulsive.
  • Falling behind because, he doesn’t pay attention in class.
  • Having a hard time following directions, or completing simple tasks in school and at home.

This is what she said while we spoke about training options, “I know my son is smart, so I can teach him anything if his attention span is not so short”.

She is right!

Having a longer attention span is the first step to help her son become a better learner, student, or athlete.

It’s much easier for a student to learn and understand new skills when they have a stronger attention span.

So, for her son’s training program, we are creating a personalized training program to help to improve his attention, and other cognitive skills. This will allow him to begin to focus long enough to learn the skills he needs to thrive in the classroom.


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