Will your services help my child improve his/her grades? I have already invested time and money in the past but didn't get the results promised by the service provider.

Yes. Because each student’s learning path is personalized, we know what concepts and skills your child needs to learn and master in order to thrive in school.

We’ve spent the past 18+ years applying and refining our brain-based teaching methods and strategies and we know it would work for your child, if you are willing to make the commitment.

Secondly, we only enroll students we know we can help for sure.

Do you teach only students with learning differences? My child doesn’t have a Learning Difference, but s/he is struggling with basic skills.

We teach gifted students who struggle with specific learning skills or concepts, as well as those diagnosed with or have symptoms of Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, ADD, ADHD, or ASP.

After how many sessions would I start to see results?

It depends on the skill gaps and learning pace of your child. However, you’ll begin to see results within 20 sessions.

How many sessions do enrolled students have to attend each week?

Session frequency is based on each student’s unique learning needs, not a cookie cutter model. Typically, students attend 2 sessions/week for enrichment and 3 or more sessions/week for intervention.

It’s time to get your child excited about learning and getting better grades.

Want to see your child break through the struggles, improve their skills and get better grades? We can help.